Some Adorable Little Girls Are Rocking Ronda Rousey Halloween Costumes (Pics)

If you’re the parent of a little girl but still haven’t figured out what she’s going to be for Halloween, look no further. We’ve got a great costume idea that you should be able to pull off in time and under budget.

That idea? Dress her up as Ronda Rousey, the most feared female MMA fighter on the planet.

Now, you may balk at the idea of your little angel pretending to be a woman who beats people for a living. And it’s true that your typical MMA fight is probably a little too violent for most toddlers. But Ronda Rousey fights are different. They typically last only 15 seconds, which really doesn’t leave much time for blood and guts.

More importantly, Rousey herself is a fantastic role model who promotes hard work, dedication, and self-reliance. Would you rather have your daughter emulate her, or a princess who’s number one goal in life is to marry a rich guy?

Personally, I’d go with Rousey. And if you’re with me, check out these Ronda Rousey Halloween costumes:

ronda rousey halloween costumes
ronda rousey halloween costumes 2
Seriously, how adorable are these kids? The first example is from Twitter user @gigabytedad. The second from Facebook user Roxy Bryant. And we have Fansided to thank for bringing them both to our attention.

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