Best Athlete Halloween Costumes? So Far It’s A Toss-Up Between Deron William, Dirk Nowitzki, and TJ Oshie (Pics)

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For some reason, pro athletes seem to enjoy Halloween a little bit more than the rest of us. Maybe it’s because they enjoy being anonymous for an evening. Or maybe it’s because they have more money to spend on awesome costumes and fancy party snacks. But whatever the reason, every year around this time we can count on our Twitter and Instagram feeds filling up with amusing photos of millionaires dressed up like weirdos.

This year is no exception. Halloween may not be for a few more days, but the athlete Halloween costumes are already out in full force. And they are excellent.

Take the Oklahoma City Thunder, for example. Kevin Durant dressed up as Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence‘s character from Blue Streak), Nick Collison dressed up as bearded Forest Gump, Steven Adams dressed up as The Joker, and Russell Westbrook? He went meta and dressed up as Steven Adams:

Other awesome athlete Halloween costumes? Well, Alex Ovechkin and whoever his hot girlfriend is dressed up as Batman and Batgirl:

Ovechkins’ Washington Capitals teammate T.J. Oshie and his hot wife dressed up as Cruella De Ville and a dalmatian puppy dog:

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And Dirk Nowitzki was freaking amazing as Lurch from the Adams Family:

But perhaps the best athlete Halloween costume so far belongs to Dirk’s Mavericks teammate Deron Williams, who dressed up with his wife as Khal Drogo and Daenerys from Game of Thrones:

Seriously, who is going to beat that?

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