Dolphins Linebacker Chris McCain Trolls Patriots with #CrushBrady Twitter Pic

chris mccain #crushbrady

Since firing Joe Philbin after Week 4, the Miami Dolphins have won two games in a row by a combined score of 82-36. They really should be feeling much better about themselves as they head into this week’s Thursday night battle against the division-leading Patriots.

Unfortunately, Dolphins linebacker Chris McCain is feeling a little too good. On Monday, he made this photo his Twitter avatar:

chris mccain #crushbrady
Seriously, Chris McCain? #CrushBrady?

Look, it’s one thing to talk shit about your upcoming opponent at practice and in the locker room. If you don’t believe in yourself, nothing great will ever happen. But trolling Tom Brady and the Patriots on Twitter? That’s a terrible idea. Nobody in the NFL responds to haters the way Brady does. Last year people said he was finished, so Brady went out and won the f**king Super Bowl. The last thing the Dolphins need is for the Patriots to have more motivation to beat them.

So why the hell was McCain feeling so invincible on Monday? I’m gonna say it probably had something to do with the birth of his daughter:

After thrashing the Texans on Sunday and witnessing the birth of his daughter on Monday, Chris McCain obviously felt like he could conquer the world. And good for him.

Still, somebody on the Dolphins might want to talk to him about taking a break from Twitter until Friday. Just in case.

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