This Cleveland Browns Quarterback Graveyard Will Haunt The Dawg Pound’s Dreams (Video)

cleveland browns QB graveyard

As you probably know, the Cleveland Browns are very bad at football. Year after year, decade after decade, they just cannot seem to do anything right. And of course, there is no greater testament to the Browns being terrible at football than the ever-growing list of failed Browns starting quarterbacks.

Since the team “returned” to Cleveland in 1999, they have used an almost impossible 22 different starting QBs. To put that number in perspective, the Rams have used “only” 17 starters during that period, while the Raiders have used “only” 20. But the Browns have them both beat. Hell, the Browns used four different starting quarterbacks in 2008 alone. FOUR!

The thing about Browns fans, though, is that they define themselves by their suffering. Rather than swallow their shame, they wear is on their sleeve (or a paper bag over their head) like a badge of honor. So it really isn’t that surprising that a couple of fans would create a Browns quarterback graveyard in front of their house for Halloween. Nor that they would happily go on TV and tell everyone about it.

Take a look:

It truly is terrifying, isn’t it?

Hat Tip – [Extra Mustard]