Report: Greg Hardy Went Missing, Missed Practice Last Week

Greg Hardy Miss Practice

How much longer will the 2-4 Dallas Cowboys put up with the headache that is Greg Hardy?

On Sunday, during a 27-20 loss to the Giants, Hardy went on a temper tantrum that has been the talk of week 7 in the NFL.  And now we’re finding out that his sideline altercation was only the latest in a series of strange events involving the defensive end last week.

According to NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport, Hardy was absent from Thursday’s practice and failed to inform the team of his whereabouts at the time. That resulted in the Cowboys making several calls before finally tracking him down. There is no word on exactly where Hardy was or why he missed practice, but the team eventually listed “illness” on the injury report.

Those are all of the details that have been made public thus far.  Was Hardy really ill?  If so, from what?

As soon as we have answers, you will too.

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