Ohio State Fan Carves Sad Michigan Fan Pumpkin, Is Evil Genius (Pic)

sad michigan fan

Chances are you have seen this image at some point in the last 10 days. It’s known on the interwebs as “sad Michigan fan.” And while it’s technically just a picture of one dude, it’s also more than that. Sad Michigan fan was every Michigan fan in the moments after their team’s improbable, heartbreaking loss to Michigan State a few weekends ago. The look on his face was the look on every Michigan fan’s face.

Obviously, Ohio State fans love this image. They hate the Wolverines almost as much as (and possibly more than) they love the Buckeyes. So first they put the image on a t-shirt. And now one of them has carved a sad Michigan fan pumpkin.

The guy who made it is no Michelangelo. His sad Michigan fan pumpkin is hardly a masterpiece. But it’s still a pretty sick burn.

Take a look:

Of course, OSU and Michigan don’t play each other until the final week of the regular season. But after taking so much grief, you can bet the Wolverines will be looking to end the Buckeyes’ season on a sour note.

Hat Tip – [College Spun]

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