Edinson Volquez’s Father Passed Away Before World Series Game 1, But Nobody Told Him Until After He Pitched…Probably?

edinson volquez's father

The father of Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Edinson Volquez passed away in the Dominican Republic a few hours before his son was scheduled to take the mound for Game 1 of the 2015 World Series. However, Edinson was probably the last person to hear about it.

“We found out about an hour before, and we said, ‘What do you want us to do?'” Royals manager Ned Yost explained after the game. “And the family said, ‘We don’t want you to tell him. We want him to pitch this game.’ We said, ‘If that’s what you want, we’ll do exactly what you want.'”

Yost and other Royals officials said Volquez’s wife and children were there to greet him in the clubhouse after he was taken out of the game. So that, presumably, is when he heard the bad news.

Of course, baseball fans started hearing the news that Edinson Volquez’s father had passed away while he was on the mound.

But Fox Sports elected not to report the news on air until the eighth inning, after Volquez had been removed from the game. Announcer Joe Buck said the network was told by the Royals vice president of communications that Volquez’s wife told the team not to tell him his father had died.

However, there’s a bizarre twist in this story. According to ESPN’s Enrique Rojas, a source informed him that Volquez did know his dad had passed away. Rojas’ source said Volquez received the sad news on the way to the stadium, which means Volquez found out his dad was dead and took the mound anyway.

So which is it? Did Volquez know before the game, or didn’t he? And if he did know, did the Royals really think he didn’t? It’s all very sad and peculiar.

Regardless of who knew what when, our thoughts go out to Edinson Volquez in this difficult time.

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