The Josh Rosen Dorm Room Hot Tub May Be No More, But the UCLA Quarterback Will Always Be a Legend (Video + Pic)

josh rosen dorm room hot tub ucla

By now you have probably seen the photo of UCLA freshman quarterback/real life Van Wilder Josh Rosen chilling with a coed in a hot tub in his dorm room.

The guy was already the BMOC before that photo went viral, having led the Bruins to a 5-2 start, which includes a convincing beatdown of #20 Cal this past weekend. But when that photo hit the web, Rosen became a legend.

Unfortunately, as expected, UCLA has put the kibosh on the Josh Rosen dorm room hot tub, which was so obviously against the rules. According to UCLA associate media director Ricardo Vazquez, who spoke to TMZ, the hot tub violated the rule that prohibits “furnishings which are not officially designated as part of a residential room’s accessories.”

It’s probably just as well. Judging from the video Rosen posted on Instagram, it doesn’t look like the hot tub left him much room to move around in there:

A video posted by Josh Rosen (@josh3rosen) on

Of course, there’s another side to this story. Did you ever wonder, hey, who’s that girl in the hot tub with Rosen? Because there’s a pretty freaking amazing answer to that question.

As it turns out, the photo that went viral came from hot tub girl’s Instagram:

josh rosen dorm room hot tub

And that caption, “still hasn’t called,” is a reference to this:

Yes, that’s right. The thirsty Arizona chick who put her digits on a sign and asked Rosen to call her actually got together with Rosen and “hung out” in his dorm room hot tub.

Unfortunately we cannot tell you anything about her, other than that her name is Christine, because she deleted her social media accounts. Apparently she didn’t realize holding up a sign telling Rosen to call her, then Instagramming a picture of herself hanging out with Rosen in his dorm room hot tub would go viral.

It was a slight miscalculation.

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