Amateur MMA Fighter Gets Knocked out in Very Theatrical Fashion (Video)

amateur mma fighter

An amateur MMA fighter may have gotten confused and thought he was in a different sport (WWE, maybe?) when he took a knockout knee and spun around like a top. Chris Henderson managed to “knock out” Chris Garner with a knee to the chest (also unlikely), and that’s when Gardner decided to take the opportunity to give the audience a not-quite Oscar-caliber performance.

The video was on a compilation show, with the host saying what we’re all thinking, “This looks like WWE to me! I’m not saying it is, but….”

It does. Here’s the video:

Wow. Ban them both from the sport. They’re giving MMA a terrible name. Even the amateur ranks.

It’s POSSIBLE that this was a genuine knockout and that the fighters are just that bad. I guess we’ll see if Chris Henderson makes a name for himself as a knockout artist, then revisit.

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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