Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Samantha Hoopes Spotted at Santa Monica Juice Bar Wearing Skimpiest Workout Shorts You’ve Ever Seen (Pics)

sports illustrated swimsuit model samantha hoopes ass workout shorts juice bar

So, that’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes in the photo above, ordering a $10 juice at Earth Bar in Santa Monica with her entire ass hanging out.

We’re not sure who snapped the photo. TMZ published it under the absolutely amazing headline, “Ass Out At Juice Bar…Is That On The menu?” Given that a quote from Hoopes found in the article contains a hashtag, I’m guessing they got it from Instagram.

“No I’m not in my underwear,” a defiant Hoopes says. “It’s call motivation to work out & I just came from working out #donthatemyassismallenoughtoweartheseshorts.”

Of course, I searched for #donthatemyassismallenoughtoweartheseshorts on Instagram, and that search yielded one result. However, I couldn’t see the photo in question, so I’m assuming it’s private.

Whatever the case, Hoopes’ sassy defense of her right to show off her “small enough” ass wherever the hell she wants shouldn’t come as much of a shock. If you’ve ever seen her Instagram account, it’s clear that she is quite fond of herself:

A photo posted by Samantha Hoopes (@samanthahoopes_) on

Of course, someone might want to mention to Samantha that just because you’re hot, that doesn’t make it socially acceptable to walk around town with your ass hanging out.

I know the sign only says “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” but I’m pretty sure “no pants” is implied.

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