What Was That Substance on Salvador Perez’s Shin Guard? (Video)

Salvador Perez

Royal’s catcher Salvador Perez has been tasked with an explanation after he was photographed with a strange dark substance on his shinguard which many think could be pine tar.

Pine tar can be transferred to the ball to make it easier for the pitcher to grip and more difficult for the hitter to hit. Or, it could be dirt. It’s hard to tell. And while athletes aren’t always the brightest bunch, it’s hard (for me) to believe that Salvador Perez would have put that pine tar in a place that was in full view of the cameras. But dumber things have happened.

In any event, it’s not illegal for position players to use foreign substances to grip the ball, just pitchers, so there’s no recourse here anyway.

My theory, as naive as it could be? That’s where he wipes his hand. It was raining, the balls were dirty. He wasn’t trying to get stuff onto his hand, but rather off of it.

Right? RIGHT?

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