Brandon Marhsall Calls Out Greg Hardy For Sideline Temper Tantrum (Video)

brandon marshall calls out greg hardy

On Sunday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones defended Greg Hardy‘s sideline temper tantrum. He called Hardy—a guy convicted of beating the sh*t out of his girlfriend—one of the “real leaders” of the Cowoboys. Then he said Hardy’s behavior—which included yelling at teammates, slapping a clipboard out of one coach’s hands, and shoving another coach—is the “kind of thing that inspires a football team.”

Of course, no one else on earth saw the situation that way. Not the reporters to whom Jones was speaking. And not New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

Marshall, of course, had some serious demons that he had to overcome earlier in his career. He was arrested for drunk driving and domestic violence in 2008, which earned him a three-game suspension. Then he was arrested again in 2009 for a domestic incident involving his wife. And in 2011, she actually stabbed him. However, it turned out that a lot of Marshall’s problems stemmed from mental illness—specifically borderline personality disorder. And once he sought treatment, he started to turn things around.

The point? When Brandon Marshall went on Showtime Tuesday and said Greg Hardy “doesn’t understand the magnitude of what happened last year,” and that he still hasn’t “learned his lesson,” he knows what the f**k he’s talking about.

Take a look:

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