Reporters Interviewed Johnny Cueto’s Brother Thinking He Was Johnny Cueto (Pics)

People have wondered how Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Johnny Cueto could go from getting knocked around like he did in Game 3 of the ALCS against the Blue Jays (6 hits and 8 earned runs in just two innings of work), to being as dominant as he was last night during Game 2 of the World Series against the Mets (nine innings of 2-hit, 1-run ball).

I think I may finally have an answer to that question: Every once in a while, Johnny sends out one of his doppelganger brothers to take the mound:

I can assure you, last night that was the real Johnny Cueto on the mound, but it sounds like it was his brother Danillo who was taking questions from reporters after the game:

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