SI Model Samantha Hoopes Asks Out Blake Griffin During Awesome Street Interview (Video)

Samantha Hoopes Asks Out Blake Griffin

There were so many great things to come from Samantha Hoopes‘ street interview with a TMZ cameraman.  For starters, the Sports Illustreated swimsuit model was wearing another one of her skimpy workout/juice bar outfits.  And she did take a moment to talk about her fascination with Blake Griffin. (Blake, if you’re reading this, please don’t “J.J. Watt” this.)

But perhaps the best thing to come from this entire incident was the creepy dude in the background, sitting in his car while he records footage of Samantha from behind.

The Samantha Hoopes interview just so happens to be a two-part series.  The first video, which features Hoopes talking about her skimpy outfits and people’s complaints while some dude stalks her, can be seen below:

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And here’s Samantha’s shout-out to Blake Griffin:

Hat Tip – [TMZ]