Michigan Fans Meet in ESPN Comments Section, Fall in Love, Get Married (Video)

michigan fans meet espn comments section get married

There are a lot of places on the internet to meet that special someone these days, from actual dating websites to the various forms of social media. But one place you’d never in a million years expect to find love is the ESPN comment section. That place is a digital pit of despair, populated by the saddest trolls on the internet.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly where newlywed Michigan fans Kate Queram and Brandon Wagoner met back in 2012.

Kate and Brandon are both Michigan alums, and both were regular contributors to the comments section of ESPN’s Big Ten blog. When other fans would trash their school—and this was the Brady Hoke era, so there was a lot of that—Kate and Brandon would defend it. And in the process they forged a flirtatious online friendship that, somehow, turned into something more.

Ironically, it was Manti Te’o who ultimately prompted these two to take the next step. The story about his fake dead girlfriend broke just as the two were really starting to get into each other. But Brandon was worried he was getting catfished, so he went to great lengths to verify that Kate was real. And that’s what finally brought them together in real life.

The video below tells Kate and Brandon’s story. It is both batsh*t insane and ridiculously sweet at the same time.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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