NFL Swept Locker Room, Interrogated Patriots Sideline Employees vs Jets

Patriots Employees Interrogated

The New England Patriots haven’t gotten into any trouble with Roger Goodell and the NFL thus far this season, but they do seem to be attracting some extra attention.

It’s being reported that prior to their game against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium last Sunday, NFL officials swept the Jets locker room for bugs.  And during the game, two members of NFL security were sent to interrogate three employees of Kraft Sports who were wearing headsets and Patriots gear while positioned outside the bench area on the Pats sideline.

First, the locker room sweep.

According to several sources, the NFL searched the visitors’ locker room at Gillette Stadium prior to Sunday’s AFC East match-up.  And while the NFL has claimed that the Jets did not request that their locker room be checked, they are also not denying that is was searched for bugs by NFL security.

Then, during the game, PFT is reporting that Lenny Bandy and Dick Farley of NFL Security approached the three Kraft Sports employees after Jets Security Director Robert Mastroddi inquired with the league about their presence near the Patriots bench. According to the Boston Herald, they “took photographs of each Patriots employee and their identification badges, demanded to check their cell phones and also checked their radios to ensure they were operating through the proper channels.” Apparently security was not buying one employee’s explanation that he’s responsible for charging the referee’s microphone battery, but after making a few phone calls, they discovered that his story was legit.

The questioning is said to have taken place for 15 minutes during the second quarter of the game. Security then hovered over the three Patriots employees until the third quarter.

In the end, no illegal activity was discovered by the league, and the Patriots won the game fair-and-square, 30-23.

For more on the story, you can check out this report from the Boston Herald.

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