C.J. Anderson Spikes the Ball Right into the Ref’s Groin (GIF)

C.J. Anderson

Judging from his body language, C.J. Anderson was a little upset with one of his runs last night. After coming up a few yards short of the first down in last night’s Broncos-Packers game, he vented by spiking the ball to the ground.

The ball then bounced up and came dangerously close to slamming into the ref’s crotch. Fortunately, the referee’s cat-like reflexes saved the day (and his testicles), but this still serves as a cautionary tale against spiking oddly-shaped objects in densely populated areas.

Because something tells me when you slam a football into a ref’s crotch, you don’t find yourself getting all the calls that maybe you’ll feel you’re entitled to.

Instead, maybe set the ball down gently, then scream “I AM UPSET!” That should allow you to release some frustration without putting anyone’s genitals in harm’s way.


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