Romanian Soccer Coach Repeatedly Kicks and Hits Player on Bench (Video)

romanian soccer coach

Any time we give you an Eastern European soccer highlight, you can bet it’s not going to be a great goal. It’s going to be a riot, or a coach tripping an opposing player. Or, in this instance, straight-up assault.

This Romanian soccer coach manages a junior team, and the below video has gone viral. It shows him walking the sideline, then calmly stepping up to a seated played and stomping him several times.

Incident șocant în Liga Elitelor U17: ”Te mutilez!” :O :O :OUn antrenor român și-a bătut jucătorul în timpul unui meci de campionat:

Posted by Gazeta Sporturilor on Sunday, November 1, 2015


I don’t know what provoked him, but there’s no way it’s a reasonable excuse for his actions.

His name is Liviu Petrache and he WAS the coach for the CSMS lasi junior team. He’s since been fired as a result of this video. 

I’m just glad it was caught on tape. I doubt this was the first or last of such incidents, otherwise.

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