Why Does This Seahawks Fan Have a 49ers Tattoo? (Pic)

seahawks fan

While Seahawks fans have made themselves out to be God’s gift to the NFL’s cheering masses, the team wasn’t always good. In fact, they were really bad for about 20 years. So it’s understandable why a fan would jump ship from another team to root for the Seahawks once they got good. It’s not forgivable, but it’s understandable.

This Seahawks fan is clearly rocking a 49ers tattoo on his arm. And a tattoo isn’t like a visor or a jersey. He got something permanently drawn on his body saying he likes the 49ers.

And now he likes the Seahawks. 12th man, my ass.

I’m sure if you checked his other arm, you’d see Raiders and Chargers tattoos crossed out as well.

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