Frenso State Football Player Arrested after Threatening a Mass Shooting

Fresno St.

Bizarre news out of Fresno this morning as a Fresno State football player was arrested for posting an anonymous online message saying that he was going to “release his frustrations” out on the student body with a mass shooting. The player in question is freshman wideout Christian Malik PryorIt’s unclear if his frustrations have to do with football, as this is the statement he made online:

the time is here. @3PM I will release my frustrations. Tired of dirty looks, get rejected, nd being talked about bc how I dress. My choice of weapon M4 Carbine…

Yikes. It’s hard to misinterpret that.

Head coach Tim DeRuyter responded to the news with a diplomatic statement that basically said, “This guy’s on his own.”

“I don’t know the results of what his conversation was with the police, and subsequent to that we’ve had a press conference here on campus while we were out here at practice. I don’t know any more details than that, since I’ve been out here.”

The arrest was made prior to any preventative action taking place on campus, so there was little disruption in the day-to-day activities of the school, though now that this news is out, people might be freaking out a little. It’s hard to imagine an instance where Pryor remains a football player or a student at Fresno State after something this egregious and terrible.

Hat Tip – [Fresno Bee]

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