Greg Hardy Refused to Sign a Panthers Helmet, Signed $100 Bill Instead (Tweet)

Greg Hardy

In news that maybe, I guess might sorta make you like Greg Hardy a little more, but not really, the Cowboys linebacker refused to sign a Panthers mini-helmet at a promotional event, but made amends with the fan who asked by giving him one of his own $100 bills signed with the word “KRAKEN” on it.

Weird? Yup.

The most hilarious aspect (Yes, funnier than “Kraken”) was the fan’s response to the whole affair. The 37 YEAR-OLD MAN said, “I was a little irritated because I spent $37 on the mini helmet. But he offset it by throwing down the $100 bill. I was a little surprised. It made me feel better.”

What a bizarre sense of entitlement this guy has, and who the hell spends $37 on a mini-helmet?

Here’s a quick photo breakdown of the event:

Yikes. Maybe Cowboy fans deserve Hardy.

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