Jerry Jones Has a Story About Monkeys (Video)

Jerry Jones talks Monkeys

Dez Bryant may want to rethink his choice of pet.

In addition to having PETA on his ass for illegally owning a baby capuchin monkey, Dez may also want to take into consideration this horror story from Jerry Jones involving a monkey and his father’s wild animal business.

Here’s a transcript:

“My dad was in the wild animal business and had over 5,000 wild animals. And he always was, no matter what, he would hand somebody a card and say, ‘Be sure and come out and visit my monkeys.’ And we’ve got quite a show that goes on.

“One of the biggest issues with that one is that one time this monkey jumped up on the roof of a car. You drove through about nine miles and you drove through monkeys and drove through a lot of other things. No predators loose, but the monkeys, people had their windows down on both sides. The monkey hit the driver’s side, went through the car and on his way by a little girl, pulled a bunch of hair out. And of course that was quite a big issue.”

And here’s the audio, via TMZ:

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