CSN Reporter Tries To Resuscitate Drake-Meek Mill Feud, But Meek Mill Won’t Take The Bait (Video)

csn reporter asks Meek Mill about Drake at Sixers game drake-meek mill feud

That whole DrakeMeek Mill feud has been dormant if not completely dead for a while now. Unfortunately, the folks at CSN Philadelphia either didn’t realize that, or they just thought they’d try to fan the flames and get the fire going again. Because during the Sixers game last night, a CSN reporter interviewed Philly native Meek Mill and asked him what he thinks about Drake and the Toronto Raptors.

Of course, this made no sense at all, seeing as how the Sixers were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers. But I guess CSN was hoping Meek Mill would say “f**k that motherf**ker,” or something sensational like that.

Fortunately, Meek Mill remembered what happened the last time he talked sh*t about Drake, and this time around he was too smart to take the bait. So he pretty much just ignored the reporter and talked about how pumped he was for the 76ers season.

Take a look:

Good reporting, CSN. Real, first-rate sports journalism.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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