Skip Bayless Says Aaron Rodgers “Just Is Not That Good” (Video)

skip bayless says aaron rodgers is not that good

Skip Bayless is a professional troll. He isn’t on TV because of his rational, analytical mind. ESPN pays him big bucks to say things that will make sports fans want to pull their hair out.

On Monday, Skip really earned his paycheck.

You see, while talking about the Broncos’ annihilation of the Packers on Sunday night, Bayless actually said that Aaron Rodgers, the man everyone outside New England believes to be the best quarterback on the planet earth, “just is not that good.”

That’s right. Aaron Rodgers. Not that good.

See for yourself:

If you want to go and say that Aaron Rodgers isn’t the best quarterback in the NFL because he doesn’t have enough rings, okay fine. You’d still be wrong, but not insane.

But to say Aaron Rodgers “just is not that good?” That’s like saying the sky just is not that blue, or that a two-inch-thick dry-aged porterhouse cooked medium rare just is not that delicious. It’s completely contrary to everything we know to be true.

And yes, we do know it to be true. Bayless is flat out wrong about Rodgers’ performance away from Lambeau. The guy’s career passer rating on the road is 100.1, which is lower than his home rating of 112.8, but still ridiculously good.

All hail Skip Bayless, King of the Trolls.

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