Steph Curry Outscores Memphis 21-15 in the 3rd Quarter, GS Wins 119-69 (Video)


It’s still very early in the season, so, for Memphis’ sake, we’ll try not to read TOO much into the fact that they got outscored by FIFTY last night, but I think we can go ahead and take it as a sign that Steph Curry and his Golden State brethren are just killing it right out of the gate.

Curry outscored Memphis by himself 21-15 in the 3rd quarter, and he did so in very stylish fashion:

And here is Steph tearing it up against Memphis the rest of the game:

We’re only a week into the season and Steph Curry already has three 20-point quarters (the rest of the NBA players combined have just one). Looks like the Western Conference might need to gang up on him if any other team wants to compete with Golden State.


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