College Football Fans Aren’t Thrilled Alabama Is #4 in CFP Rankings (Angry Tweets Here)


The College Football Playoff rankings were released for the first time last night, and after a predictable top three entries (Clemson, LSU, Ohio State), Alabama found their way to the 4th spot, despite having a loss and a schedule that’s included cakewalks like Middle Tennessee, Louisiana-Monroe and Arkansas. 

Of course, many would argue that Alabama, even with that loss, is still one of the four best teams in the nation, and many other people (smarter people) would argue that whining about the rankings in week eight is kind of silly.

However, Twitter isn’t trying to hear THAT:

So, yeah, there seems to be some dissension, some bitching, and a few conspiracy theories. What else did you expect from college football?

Then there’s this guy. I like this guy:

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