Kobe Air Ball? Maybe Kobe Was Right. Maybe He Really DOES Suck (Video)

kobe air ball

On Sunday, after the Los Angeles Lakers’ third consecutive loss to open the 2015-16 NBA season, Kobe Bryant was pretty disgusted with himself. The five-time NBA champion told members of the media that he was the “200th best player in the league right now,” and “I freaking suck right now.”

This self-loathing may seem a little ridiculous given that Kobe had averaged 17.3 points through the first three games. But he was shooting just .313 from the floor (compared to .451 for his career) and .207 from beyond the arc (compared to .333). That’s pretty bad, and it means a lot of Lakers’ possessions are ending with Kobe misses.

However, while Kobe was tearing himself a new one, LeBron James was defending him. On Monday, the King told the Akron Beacon Journal that Kobe “knows he don’t suck,” and that Kobe was just issuing himself a “personal challenge.”

Unfortunately, it turns out Kobe was right. He really does suck right now, as evidenced by this Kobe air ball from Tuesday’s Lakers-Nuggets game:


Yep, that was bad. And it was pretty representative of Kobe’s overall performance, as he finished with just 11 points on 4/11 from the field and 1/5 from three point range.

Oh, and the Lakers are now 0-4.

Is this it for the Black Mamba? Or will he pull a Tom Brady and prove the nay-sayers wrong?

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report, ESPN]

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