Marshawn Lynch And Russell Okung Remained In Texas For Ricardo Lockette Surgery

marshawn lynch stays in texas for ricardo lockette surgery

Seattle Seahawks special teams player Ricardo Lockette underwent a five-hour surgery on Monday to repair disc and ligament damage in his neck following the brutal (and illegal) hit by the Dallas Cowboys’ Jeff Heath.

The good news is that Lockette is expected to walk out of the Baylor University Medical Center on his own steam later this week. The bad news is that he certainly will not be playing football again this year, and there is also the possibility that Lockette may never play football again.

Fortunately, Lockette has not had to go through all this alone. His family was in Dallas for the game Sunday, and they remained there for the surgery, as you would expect.

Somewhat less expected is the support Lockette has received from his teammates. While the majority of them had to return to Seattle to begin preparations for their next game, Tacoma’s News Tribune reports that both Marshawn Lynch and left tackle Russell Okung stayed behind in Texas to be with Lockette before and after his surgery, which is a pretty heartwarming act of friendship.

Of course, NFL players like to talk about how their teammates are “family” all the time. But it’s nice to see them actually behave that way. And it’s especially nice to see more evidence that the mercurial Marshawn Lynch is actually a pretty great guy.

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