How Many Times Can Miesha Tate Make These Guys Tap Out in 2 Minutes? (Video)

Miesha Tate

By now, there are many different YouTube videos that, along with common sense, tell us that, no, men can’t defeat female MMA competitors. Even though they’re men and the women are women, the women kill them. So it’s nice to see this marry band of gentlemen take a different approach in which they don’t try to beat UFC’s Miesha Tate, but rather just minimize the number of times she forces the group to tap out.

And unfortunately, they don’t even succeed at minimizing the damage done.

Take a look:

It’s a photo finish, but I think I’m going to have to hand the victory to Miesha.

Maybe next time around, she can take on an army of guys without arms and legs. That would be just about as sporting as taking on these kids.

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