Must See: Blake Griffin Rejected At The Rim By Festus Ezeli (Video)

Blake Griffin rejected by Festus Ezeli

Blake Griffin rejected at the rim? That’s something you don’t see every day. Or any day, really. Griffin is one of the most dominant big men in the NBA, and his monster dunks are the stuff of legend. When he gets the ball in the air, it’s almost impossible to stop him.

Blake Griffin got rejected on Wednesday, though. Three minutes into the Los Angeles Clippers’ showdown with the reigning champs, Griffin went up for one of his signature dunks but got stuffed by the Golden State Warriors’ Festus Ezeli.

Watching in real-time, it was hard to even make sense of what you just saw. Griffin gets the ball about six feet out with a clear path to the rim. Then he leaps into the air and gets the ball like 10 feet above the rim, ready for a tomahawk dunk. But the next thing you know the ball is on the floor, and Griffin is like, wait, whaaa?

It’s only in slow-motion that you really see what happened.

Take a look:

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Damn it’s good to have the NBA back.

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