Seahawks Fans Petition To Ban FOX’s Joe Buck & Troy Aikman From Broadcasts


Thousands if not millions of people are not to fond of Joe Buck & Troy Aikman. Seattle Seahawks fans have taken it to another level by creating a petition to ban both of them from future broadcasts. Seahawks fans believe they are biased against their favorite team.

The petition reads as:

“The Seattle Seahawks 12th man are growing increasingly tired of the negative remarks that are consistently made against our team by Fox Sports commentators Troy Aikman & Joe Buck. As nationally televised games, we understand that the commentators need to be sensitive to both the fans of the home and away team. However, Aikman & Buck’s comments heavily favor any and all of the Seahawks opponents. Their comments are incredibly critical and degrading. Not only do we respectfully request, the 12th Man DEMANDS that these two commentators be banned from calling any future Seahawks games.”

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“I no longer look forward to Seahawks games aired by Fox due to these two announcers habitual negative comments about the team and us fans. Remove them from our games immediately or we boycott Fox Sports!”

“It appeared that the negativity was also directed towards the officials. So when someone is that negative it makes watching the game very difficult,” said an unidentified person from North Dakota.

“My kids were watching that game. What is with the negativity? Seriously!? If you can’t give unbiased, and degrading commentary, then you shouldn’t be on national television,” said Heather Simmons.

“Commentators are supposed to be unbiased. These two clearly are not. I do not understand why Fox Sports allows their employees to consistently bash the Seahawks. Our team doesn’t just represent Washington, but Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, And many other states in the Pacific Northwest. Our fans are all across the world and travel to away games and are a force to be reconned (sic) with at home. We have been to back-to-back Super Bowls, and won. It’s time for some respect. At the very least, unbiased reporting should be a given for any team,” said Mary Helen Wilert.

100% sure nothing will come of this, but it is quite amusing. So far the petition has around 16,700 signatures. Not bad!

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