Warriors Owner Joe Lacob Says He And His Hot Fiancée Got Freaky With The Larry O’Brien Trophy

warriors owner joe lacob talks about sex with girlfriend nicole curran and larry obrien trophy

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob did an interview this summer with Haute Living magazine, and the other day they published a nice 3,000-word story about what a swell guy he is. However, the best part comes right in the first paragraph, and it has nothing to do with Lacob’s charitable efforts.

Writer Kelly E. Carter, in her infinite wisdom, decided it would be a good idea to open the piece with Lacob talking about how he and his longtime fiancée, Nicole Curran, got busy with the Larry O’Brien trophy just hours after the Warriors won their first championship in 40 years.

“I had made a promise to myself [that] I would sleep with the trophy that night,” she quotes Lacob as saying. “Nicole and I did sleep with it.”

Now obviously, if Lacob had left it at that, we wouldn’t think much of the comment. “Sleep with it” doesn’t necessarily mean Lacob and Curran actually worked the trophy into their celebratory lovemaking. It could simply mean they slept with it in their bed.

But of course, Lacob didn’t leave it at that. He very strongly implied that he and his better half got freaky with Larry.

“I’ll leave it to the imagination,” Lacob told Carter while grinning. “We had a lot of fun with it.”

Honestly, I don’t know whether to throw up, or give Joe Lacob a high five for landing such a fine-looking woman who gets freaky in bed.

Here’s a gallery of Lacob and Curran to help your imagination along:



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