You Won’t Believe This Football Analyst’s Very Poor Choice Of Words (Video)

Being a sports analyst on live TV has never been an easy job. However, it’s way harder to do now that every mistake you make gets immortalized on the internet.

Take this guy, for example. All he’s trying to do is say the Carolina Panthers play an aggressive, in-your-face style of football. But because of a very poor choice of words, now he’ll always be remembered as the guy who said the Carolina Panthers are going to…

Well, just watch the video. But do be careful. Technically there are no profanities, but it’s still really dirty and not necessarily appropriate for work.

On the bright side, children under the age of 10 definitely won’t get it:

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Yep. The Carolina Panthers come in your mouth. Nice!

The crazy thing is, I don’t think this dude had any idea what he had just said.

In any case, in the immortal words of that old dude from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

he chose poorly meme

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