These Two Guys in Jetpacks Fly Alongside a Giant Airbus A380 (Video)


Is flying a jetpack a “sport?” Uh-huh. It sure is. As such, we’re covering it. Even if it wasn’t a sport (which it’s really not), this video is too cool not to share. It’s so cool that mommy blogs and the Food Network should be posting it.

Two guys in jetpacks somehow found their way next to an Airbus A380 (a HUGE plane) and flanked it coming in for a landing.

Of course, this happened in Dubai, where the law of fiscal limitation and common sense are no match for hubris and decadence.

Here’s the clip:

To be clear, these guys didn’t crash Emirates’ party. This whole thing was a marketing stunt, so there were no passengers crapping their pants as they saw jetpacks approaching them, thinking they were in for a Mission Impossible-type experience.

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