Former NFL Player Kyle Turley Makes the Case for Medical Marijuana on “Highly Questionable” (Video)

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This week, former NFL player Kyle Turley, a two-time All-Pro offensive tackle, stopped by Highly Questionable to speak on behalf of the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition.

What is the Gridiron Cannabis Coalition? It’s exactly what it sounds like: an organization seeking to get the NFL to investigate the health benefits of medicinal marijuana for football players.

According to Turley, cannabis is pretty much a miracle drug:

Kyle Turley speaks about the benefits of medical cannabisFormer NFL All-Pro Kyle Turley on how cannabis has helped him and how it could help others.

Posted by Highly Questionable on Thursday, November 5, 2015


Basically, Mr. Turley argues that cannabis can (1) completely take the place of pain-killers and anti-psychotics, (2) prevent and/or cure Alzheimers, and (3) “slow, prevent, and stop the progression” of CTE.

While I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist, I seriously doubt marijuana can literally cure everything. So I’d say maybe don’t just stop taking your psych meds and start smoking a bunch of weed just because Kyle Turley (also not a doctor or scientist) says it’ll cure what ails ya.

That said, after he makes all his wondrous claims, Turley does back the truck up a bit to say, simply, that we need to “advance the science on cannabis.” And I’m definitely on board with that. Marijuana clearly has legitimate therapeutical uses and we need to have the best possible understanding of what they are.

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