Redskins Reporter Suggests Team Rest Players vs. Patriots, Get Ready For Next Week’s Game

Redskins vs Patriots

If you told the Washington Redskins to fold and concede their week 9 road contest against the New England Patriots so that they could rest up and begin preparing for their week 10 battle against the New Orleans Saints, they probably wouldn’t appreciate your lack of faith in their chances of pulling off the upset as 14-point underdogs against Tom Brady’s undefeated squad.  But that’s exactly what one Washington sports reporter is suggesting the Redskins do this weekend: pack it in and begin getting ready for next week.

That sports reporter would be the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg. Today he published an article titled, “A modest proposal: The Redskins should ignore the Patriots, and prepare for the Saints.” In it, he provides stats to support the claim that the Redskins really don’t have much of a chance against the Pats this weekend (a claim that I’m sure most would agree with).

He mentions how the Patriots have won each of their last 17 games when favored by at least 14 points, how the Redskins are just 1-10 as a double-digit underdog during the Dan Snyder era, and how the Redskins have scored more than 35 points just once in 23 games under Jay Gruden, while the New England offense has averaged over 35 points per game this season.

It’s a pretty convincing argument, and he even lists a few of the benefits the Redskins will gain by tanking their week 9 match-up, like an extra bye week, extra preparation for their week 10 match-up against the Saints, and extra time to get banged-up players like DeSean Jackson, Jordan Reed, and Chris Culliver rested.

So what do the Redskins players think of such a gameplan?  Steinberg actually made his way around the Redskins locker room to find that out, and while several players had something to say about his strategy, defensive end Jason Hatcher may have said it best:

“What do you want me to do, say we’re going to lose? You look like you were shocked,” he said. “Every game is a must-win. You know, we’re trying to win around here … so every game from now on is a must-win. The first game of the season was a must-win. So I don’t know what else you want me to say. It ain’t a must-lose.”

Moral of the story: as logical as Steinberg’s plan may be, it’ll never fly in an NFL locker room.

Nice try, though.

You can read Dan Steinberg’s entire article here.

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