‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Thinks He Should Be Tony Romo’s Backup (Video)

Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks Cowboys QB

The Dallas Cowboys have suffered five straight losses since losing Tony Romo to a broken left clavicle.  While backing up Romo over the course of those five games, Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel have combined for just 989 passing yards (197.8 per game), two touchdowns, and five interceptions.

That’s bad.  Really bad.  Kind of makes you wonder whether the Cowboys would be better off with just about anyone else at quarterback—like, oh I don’t know, maybe “Stone Cold” Steve Austin?

The former WWE champ joined the Dallas Morning News yesterday to talk about a number of topics, including the Cowboys’ quarterback situation:

“I tell you what, I got some time on my hands. I could be there Sunday, playing the Philadelphia Eagles. I think I can line ’em up, throw for about 300, 400 yards. Get (Jason) Witten open, get Dez (Bryant) working. A lot of underneath routes. Give (Darren) McFadden the ball a few times. Maybe do a little end-around, fake the reverse pitchout, let me run downfield and Darren can throw me the ball. About 60 yards out, catch it in full stride and boom, spike it over the damn goalpost. … Y’all saw me catch all those beers all those years — damn-near never dropped any of them. You know how much money I could have made playing professional football as a tight end? But I can’t jump and I can’t run fast. That was my problem.”

So there you have it.  Stone Cold wants a shot.  I say the Cowboys give it to him.  After all, things couldn’t possibly get any worse for them, could they?

Here’s a clip of Stone Cold’s interview:

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