The ‘Tonight Show’ Brings Back Superlatives For Eagles-Cowboys Game (Video)

Tonight Show

Never one to shy away from a good thing, Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show are back at the superlatives game, letting us know which members of the Cowboys and Eagles are “most likely to.” Cole Beasley is my winner, with the honor, “Most Likely To Gargle With Coors Light.” Yeah, he kinda looks like Joe Dirt’s sleazier brother-in-law.

As for the rest of them, I won’t ruin them, but rest assured they’re pretty good. And if you’re sorta over this whole superlatives thing, I can’t blame you. They’re done about once a week, and seemingly only to promote NBC content. ┬áBut it’s Jimmy Fallon, so it’s hard to stay mad at him.

Take a look:

We now get them for golf, the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, hockey playoffs, and, it would seem, any moderately interesting Sunday night game. That’s a lot, but I suppose it’s better than no superlatives at all.

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