Carmelo Anthony Gives Shout-Out to Heckling Lakers Fan after 24-Point Game (Video)

Carmelo Anthony

Laker fans really aren’t in a great position to be heckling anyone these days, but that didn’t stop one aggressive fan in a satin jacket from laying into Carmelo Anthony last night as the Knicks squared off against the Lakers. Carmelo Anthony managed to knock down a game-high 24 points, and after the game, he gave a shout out to the heckler, who looked like something out of an NBA player’s nightmare.

Here’s the video:

The look on Carmelo’s face pretty much says it all. That’s smugness. And it’s a look Laker fans should probably get used to, as they try to navigate their way through this rebuilding year. They might want to be sparing with their criticisms, too. Glass houses and all…

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