Packers Fan Calls Cam Newton Evil, Ghetto & An A**Hole For Taking His Banner

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Well, didn’t this story just take an unexpected twist. After the Panthers-Packers game on Sunday, Cam Newton spotted some Packers fan with a Pro-Packers sign so he rushed over, took it down, and ran off with it. Well, that Packers fan is upset about it because that sign cost him $500 & he was so pissed that he actually called the police on Cam Newton. Now this, the Packers fan told FayObserver:

“I was just shocked, shocked,” when Newton grabbed the banner out of Dobs’ and his family’s hands, Dobs said on Sunday evening.

“It went from a fun event to I was disgusted,” he said.

Dobs wants the banner back so badly — he said he paid $500 to have it made last year to hang in his home’s “man room” — that he told the police at the stadium that it was stolen, and he complained to the Panthers’ management.

It’s Dobs’ understanding that the banner was destroyed. He said a Panthers employee told him the organization would make it up to him.

He said he will give them 48 hours before he takes further action.

David Sessoms said they weren’t happy about “evil” Newton’s “blatant disregard” for their property. Sessoms also posted about the incident on his personal Facebook page, where he called Newton “ghetto” and an “a—hole.”


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