Rumblr, the Tinder for Getting in Fistfights, Launches Beta Version Today


If you need any further evidence that this whole app phenomenon might be running out of steam (at least temporarily) then look no further than Rumblr, the app for people who want to fight strangers. Is that the stupidest idea of all time? Maybe. Possibly. Probably.

The app works like Tinder, matching people up to fight each other.  And it can also draw crowds for the fights, which is nice because it’s an ingenious way of putting non-fighters in harm’s way as well.

The Rumblr team issued a statement saying, “This application is 100% serious,” which is always odd when a business has to remind you that they’re a SERIOUS business.

One look at the screenshot above, and it’s pretty clear who Rumblr’s demographic is. How they plan to make money from this utility isn’t exactly clear, as I don’t think I want to imagine the type of person that would get a subscription to this service.

Unsurprisingly, the app has had legal trouble getting into the Apple store, but it’s thought (by the Rumblr team at least) that they’re nearing approval.


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