This Glorious Fake PAT Was the Ballsiest Playcall Ever (Video)


We normally don’t get in the trenches of DIII football, but if they offer up more batsh*t crazy plays like this, I promise you we will.

St. Thomas murdered Carleton College, 80-3, which is a bloodbath.  But that bloodbath came with this fake PAT in which the St. Thomas holder lobbed up a behind-the-back pass into heavy traffic, only to watch his tight end snag it out of the air for the two-point convert:

It’s one of the dumber plays I’ve ever seen, and I can’t imagine how many times out of 100 this would go wrong. But when you’re dominating your opponent like these guys are, it’s a great time to further humiliate the opposition with some unnecessary showboating.

Of course, this was the first TD of the game, when they were actually DOWN 3-0, so I guess this was their big play to help swing the momentum in their favor. Weird.

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