Fan Who Threw One-Punch Knockout Actually KO’d His Brother (Both Eagles Fans) (Videos)

Eagles one-punch knockout

Remember that Cowboys fan who delivered that nasty one-punch knockout to the Eagles fan right there in the middle of AT&T Stadium? Remember how we all just assumed it was a case of a random Cowboys fan and a random Eagles fan getting a little too excited about a football game?

Well, it turns out those two guys are not strangers. They’re brothers. And they were at the game with a third brother. And all three of them wound up getting arrested. Which is absolutely amazing.

TMZ got the scoop from the Arlington police. The brother who got knocked out is Ignacio Castillo. The brother who knocked him out was Jorge Castillo. And the third brother was Jose Castillo.

Police said all three will be charged with various degrees of assault and failure to obey police officer. Yes, even the guy who got knocked out. Apparently he spit blood on a police officer trying to stop the fight, so he’ll actually get the worst charge: felony assault of a police officer.

Based on their mugshots, in which you can see both Jorge and Jose are wearing Eagles-green t-shirts, it would seem all three brothers are, in fact, Eagles fans.

cowboys eagles brawl brothers mug shot

Mrs. Castillo must be so proud.

Here are a few videos of the fight:

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Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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