Holy Sh*t: Romanian Soccer Match Suspended After Nearby Building EXPLODES (Video)

romanian soccer match explosion bread factory

A Romanian soccer match was suspended last Thursday after a building near the stadium f*cking exploded.

The match was between second division teams FC Brasov and CSM Ramnicu Valcea at Brasov’s Silviu Ploesteanu Stadium. The nearby building was apparently a bread factory. Who knew bread-making was such a volatile process?

In any case, the explosion was caught by at least four different cameras positioned around the stadium. The players on the field don’t seem to react much to the blast, but you can see fans sitting in the top rows scrambling to get a look at the destruction over the rear wall.

Check it out:


Sadly, according to French sports journal L’Equippe, one person died in the blast and five others were injured.

It’s unclear if the fire posed any threat to the stadium. However, officials clearly didn’t want to take any chances, so they called the game off.

Probably a wise choice.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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