Steph Curry Bounces Inbounds Pass off Draymond Green, To Himself (Video)

Inbounds pass

The Golden State Warriors are a good enough team that Steph Curry certainly doesn’t HAVE to do everything himself, but the way Steph’s been playing, it’s easy to see why he’d want to.

It now appears that he’s working to make inbounds passes a one-person effort, so long as the inbounder is willing to stiffen up like a board on the play.

In last night’s Pistons-Warriors game, Curry flipped the ball towards Draymond Green after a Pistons bucket. The ball bounced off Draymond, who was standing behind the baseline, and landed inbounds.

Boom. Inbounds pass. Watch:

Maybe in the future the Warriors could save on salary expenses by just putting four plywood silhouettes of famous players out there for Curry to bank passes off of and careen through.

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