Party Bus! Colombian Police Find Half Ton Of Cocaine On Busses Carrying Soccer Fans To Colombia-Chile Game (Video)

party bus half ton of cocaine found on busses going to colombia-chile game

Colombia is famous for two major exports: coffee and cocaine.

Somebody tried to smuggle a half ton of one of these precious commodities across Ecuador and Peru and into Chile last weekend on two busses carrying soccer fans to a major World Cup qualifying match.

Would you like to guess which one?

That’s right! It was cocaine. The two busses started out from Cali, Colombia, carrying dozens of soccer fans on a 2,500-mile trek to the highly anticipated Colombia-Chile World Cup Qualifier in Santiago on Thursday. However, when Colombian police inspected the busses in Pesto, just 250 miles away from Cali on Colombia’s southern border with Ecuador, they discovered over 1,000 pounds of cocaine under the seats and floors.

Police arrested the two bus drivers and seized the cocaine. So if Chile wins the big game, the victory celebration in Santiago is going to be a bit more subdued.

No word on what happened to the poor fans, unfortunately. But I’m gonna say they probably won’t make it to the Colombia-Chile game.

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Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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