Geno Smith on Rex Ryan Naming IK Enemkpali Captain for Jets Game: “I Don’t Take It Personal” (Video)

geno smith on rex ryan naming ik Enemkpali captain

On Monday, Bills coach Rex Ryan named linebacker IK Enemkpali captain for Thursday night’s game against the Jets.

Now, take a moment and pretend you are Geno Smith. This was supposed to be your big breakout year. You’ve got a new coach and a new offensive coordinator. You’re poised to show the league what you can do. Then IK Enemkpali goes and breaks your jaw, you miss the first six weeks of the season, and while you are out you lose the starting quarterback job to Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you don’t get a lucky break somewhere, your career as a starter could be over. Then Rex Ryan—your former coach who now coaches a division rival—claims Enemkpali off waivers when the Jets release him. And when the Bills come to town in Week 10 to play your team, Ryan names the guy captain.

So again, if you’re Geno Smith, how would you feel about that? A little angry? Maybe a little insulted?

Well, here’s what the real Geno had to say about it:

That is one of the greatest player-reporter exchanges we’ve seen all year, wasn’t it?

Reporter: Why don’t you take it personal since he punched you?
Geno: Why would I?
Reporter: Because he punched you.
Geno: Next question.

You gotta hand it to Geno Smith. The dude was cool as a cucumber. I probably would have dropped an f-bomb. Or thirty.