Greg Hardy Claims He’s Innocent In Twitter Profile (Pic)

Greg Hardy Twitter Bio

Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, back in July of 2014.  He only got off after Holder failed to cooperate during the appeal process (likely due to an out-of-court settlement between herself and Hardy).

Simply put, Hardy did beat his girlfriend (I think the photos prove that much), and he only got off after paying her not to cooperate with authorities during his appeal.

Despite all of this, the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive end would still like us all to believe that he is innocent, and thus, should not be subjected to all of the scrutiny he’s had to endure over the past couple of years.  That’s exactly what Hardy suggested when he updated his Twitter bio earlier today:

Not surprisingly, that bio didn’t last long on Greg Hardy’s Twitter page. He changed it shortly after to some lyrics from Tupac’s “Hail Mary,” which was a good idea—though, an even better idea would have been for Hardy to get off Twitter altogether.

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