Katya Elise Henry Workout Video Has a Bentley, a Bad Song, and a Lot of Booty (Video)

Katya Elise Henry

You know, I’m not sure that this workout video from Katya Elise Henry is really all that informative. I’ve watched it like three times, and I STILL don’t know where to begin on this workout. I do know that her ass is roughly the size of the moon, and that she’s going to get that nice Bentley all covered in sweat after her workout. I know that she can’t use anything over an SPF 3 if she wants to maintain that bronze. But other than that…

Here’s the most recent Katya Elise Henry video. Try to keep up:

Well, that’s a very effective 60-second workout. And it’s possible that if the song didn’t give you a seizure in the first 30 seconds, it would have been a real pump-you-up jam.

If you need more “workout” fodder, you can check out her Instagram.

Hat Tip – [TheChive]