Leafs Bro Trolls His Own Girlfriend With Fake Kiss Cam Marriage Proposal (GIF)

fake kiss cam marriage proposal

I am no relationship expert. However, here’s one piece of advice that I feel pretty confident doling out: don’t make your girlfriend the subject of a fake kiss cam proposal.

Are there women out there who might find such a joke funny? Perhaps. But the chances are slim that your girlfriend is actually one of these theoretical women. She’s far more likely to kick you in the balls than laugh at your joke.

Of course, I bring this up because this actually happened. There actually was a fake kiss cam proposal on Sunday in Toronto. During some nonsense called the “Hall of Fame Legends Classic,” this guy and his girlfriend show up on the kiss cam, so he gets her attention and then gets down on one knee. At that point, obviously, the girl is like, “OMG OMG OMG,” and she puts her hands over her mouth. But then the guy’s like, “nah I’m totally kidding! Gotcha babe!”

See for yourself:

We have to assume that was a fake fake kiss cam proposal, because you can’t believe anything you see on the kiss cam anymore. But the lesson still holds true: guys, don’t do that.

Hat Tip – [Bar Down]

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